In the difficult days we were in, we started to take new preventions in our saloon, considering the health of our dear colleagues, their families and our guests.

Daily Routines

– The fever of our colleagues is measured and recorded.
– The entire team wears two double-layer medical masks in the hall.
– The whole hall is disinfected with a disinfection machine every 2 hours.
– Dyson air purifier cleans the air of our room all day against bacteria and germs.
– Air conditioning is not operated in our hall.

Service Routines

– All cutting and maintenance equipment are disinfected before and after each service.
– The temperature of our guests is measured and recorded.
– The seat is disinfected.
– The hands of every guest coming to the hall are disinfected by waiting for 6 seconds in the ozone machine.

Weekly Routines

– COVID-19 tests are performed regularly every week for all of our teammates and the results are recorded.